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Skelton's Landscaping Service offers a full spectrum of services from garden design and installation to year-round maintenance. Note - These services are temporarily suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please email for more information.

Garden Design and Installation

We design all types of garden landscapes, from shady patio gardens to sunny, designed meadows. Our focus is on native plants first, but we always acknowledge the presence of deer in our area, and we work hard to make sure plantings work well the first time.

Ecosystem-Friendly Landscapes

The work we enjoy most is designing and installing native plant landscapes that focus on providing bird-friendly and pollinator-friendly habitats. We employ a sustainable and holistic approach to landscape design, which includes a consideration of all aspects of the ecological characteristics of your site during the design process.

Perhaps you've been hearing a lot about pollinators lately. Maybe you've heard they're disappearing, humans are at fault, that kind of thing. The science is all over the place, but there’s at least one thing we can agree on: insects need food and a comfy place to live. They're not too different from us in that respect. Native plant landscapes provide insects with high-quality food and shelter. Let us design, build, and maintain your native plant landscape.

The fate of migratory birds in North America is equally discouraging. According to the National Audubon Society, more than 1/3 of North American bird species are at risk of extinction if we don't change our relationship with the planet. More specifically, populations of the Wood Thrush have declined by about 50 percent in the last 40 years. These losses are mostly due to habitat destruction stemming from development of residential and commercial areas. Landowners have the power to reverse this ecological damage by restoring native grasslands, meadows, and woodlands. Let us show you how we can help you restore native plants to your landscape to help our insect and bird populations.

Stormwater Management

If too much water is your problem, we can probably find an environmentally-friendly solution. Many landscapes have poorly managed stormwater, and our simple suggestions and changes can improve your landscape. Our site-specific recommendations are always based on a careful analysis of soils and hydrology.

Hardscapes & Outdoor Lighting

We install flagstone and gravel paths, flagstone patios, dry-stack stone walls, fieldstone borders, steps, and outdoor lighting. We also construct steps, stairs, planting boxes, and retaining walls using treated lumber. Our work bridges the gap between too formal and too tacky. The result is tasteful and timeless.

Garden Maintenance

From a one-time fall cleanup to year-round landscape maintenance, our service can handle it all. We take care of all aspects of garden and landscape maintenance, including leaf-raking/blowing, mulching, pruning, and more.

Invasive Plant Management

Do you live in a Wisconsin jungle? Many residential and commercial lots in the area are overwhelmed by non-native and ill-mannered plants. Well, it's not really the plant's fault. We humans have made some mistakes over the years in cultivating weedy and aggressive exotic plants. Many tried-and-true landscaping plants have become tried-and-true noxious weeds, from spotted knapweed to common buckthorn.


These plants aren't inherently evil, they're just in the wrong place, and they're doing quite a lot of damage to our ecosystems. Native plants are being pushed out, perhaps never to return again. Native fauna are losing their sources of food and shelter. Now it's our responsibility as homeowners and landowners to reverse the ecological damage. Our solutions can give your landscape some welcome relief. Let us help you tame that jungle of yours.

Landscape Renovations

Your home or commercial property may have been built several decades ago, and your landscaping may show it. Plants are not unlike other living things - they get old and worn out just like the rest of us creatures. Sometimes, the best alternative to pointless pruning and futile fertilizing is to simply replace your shear-ravaged or time-worn plants with something new. We can accurately diagnose your landscaping woes and offer suggestions for more site-appropriate and low-maintenance plantings.


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